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London – United Kingdom

London’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is imbued with a constant buzz that bounces off the major attractions, the incredible architecture, and the rich heritage.

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Things to do in London

  • London Eye – A fairly new edition to London’s skyline, the Eye is a huge Ferris wheel situated on the Thames that offers spectacular views across the city.
  • Tower of London – This historic castle hugs the Thames and boasts an impressive architectural style.
  • Buckingham Palace – The Queen’s residence is a major tourist attraction set inside a grand building with beautifully manicured grounds.
  • Paul’s Cathedral – Sitting at the highest point in the city, this breath-taking cathedral watches over the city like an ancient guardian. Its exterior is impressive, but its interior is equally as beautiful with high ceilings, ornate frescoes, and gold details.
  • Natural History Museum, London – One of the world’s best loved museums, it harbours an assorted mix of objects and artefacts that explain natural history in the UK and further afield.
  • Tate Modern, London – This contemporary art gallery is the bastion of modern culture in London, showcasing an international selection of art by some of the world’s most famous artists.
  • Palace of Westminster – The home of the House of Commons and Lords, this architecturally inspiring building sprawls out alongside the Thames.
  • Victoria and Albert Museum – Set inside an intricately beautiful building, this is the world’s largest decorative arts museum, exhibiting a range of textiles, sculptures, and mixed media pieces from all over the world.
  • National Gallery, London – Located in the popular hub of Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery boasts an expansive collection that spans back to the 13th
  • Madame Tussauds London – A popular tourist attraction in London, this museum is renowned for its displays of wax works depicting celebrities.
  • Tower Bridge – This iconic bridge is located near the Tower of London and is perhaps one of the most recognisable scenes in London.
  • British Museum – Dedicated to the history and culture of human life, this world-famous museum houses all manner of objects from all over the world.
  • Big Ben – Perhaps the best-known clock in the world, Big Ben stands proudly at the end of the Palace of Westminster.
  • Hyde Park – This expansive park sprawls out in one of the more luxurious districts of London and is the site of numerous events and concerts throughout the year.
  • London Dungeon – Set on the edge of the Thames, this museum highlights the dark historical events of the city in a family-friendly way.
  • Westminster Abbey – This grand, Gothic church sits to the west of the Palace of Westminster.
  • Trafalgar Square – This major tourist hotspot boats a large fountain and is surrounded by some of London’s most impressive buildings, including the National Gallery.
  • London Zoo – Surrounded by Regent’s Park, this popular zoo is home to a large collection of exotic and domestic animals.
  • Globe Theatre, London – Associated with Shakespeare, this well-known theatre showcases a range of top-notch plays and performances throughout the year.
  • Science Museum, London – Located on Exhibition Road in the upmarket South Kensington area, this museum boasts a range of interactive exhibits that highlight scientific wonders.